Bali vs Queensland

Published: 27 February 2019

Bali vs Queensland – where to go for a family holiday to remember

As soon as the kids become that little bit older, many Australians begin to eagerly set their sights on the iconic first family holiday. One of our favourite family holiday destinations has always been QLD, and for good reason. But with overseas travel more affordable than ever, the tropical paradise that is Bali has become a much-loved getaway for many Australian families. So, if you are weighing up whether to travel to Bali or QLD for your next family holiday, check out our helpful guide to find the best option for you.

Bali Temple


There’s no denying that an overseas trip to Bali would offer your attentive little explorers a cultural experience to remember. The Balinese culture is visually stunning with its art, dance, martial arts, festivals and customs, and will open your family’s eyes to the cultural richness and diversity of Australia’s second closest neighbour.

On the other hand, staying closer to home can be a rich cultural experience too. QLD is a natural outdoor classroom for your kids to learn more about Australia’s native flora and fauna. At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for example, they can experience koalas, echidnas, wombats, kangaroos, wallabies and a colourful array of Australian bird life.


The best family resorts in Bali offer excellent local cuisine alongside more conventional western dishes – perfect for the tastes of every family member. Queensland, especially Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Cairns offers a wide variety of eating experiences from all over the world. Like most places across Australia, this is just one of the advantages of living in such a multicultural nation. The biggest difference in this category comes when considering the value for money on offer. With Bali being home to a multitude of top end restaurants that all feature extremely affordable prices, Bali is the ultimate winner in the food stakes.

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland


Queensland offers a vast array of activities the kids will love. Things to do with your kids in Brisbane include visiting the various museums, hanging out at the Botanic Gardens or on Southbank or being blown away by the majestic beauty of the Milky Way at the Planetarium. The nearby Gold Coast is known for its iconic theme parks. There’s Dreamworld, Movieworld, Seaworld, Wet’n’Wild, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Thunderbird Adventure Park and so much more. Heading further north the family can enjoy snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, learning to surf or simply kicking back on some of Australia’s most pristine beaches.

Bali also offers a huge variety of tailor-made, family-fun activities that definitely have the X factor. Going to Bali with kids means you can visit world-class water slides, learn to surf, visit the Bali Safari and Marine Park, go river rafting, trampoline jumping, banana boat riding or be zip-lining through the air in the picturesque/beautiful Bali Botanic Garden. Whether you decide on Bali or QLD, there will be no shortage of entertaining activities for the whole family.


One of the most attractive things about Bali is how close it is to Australian shores. When you combine a sub-6 hour flight with the super affordable airfares offered by flybuys travel, going on an international family holiday doesn’t get much easier.

On the other hand, staying closer to home with a Queensland holiday does present a range of advantages. Domestic airfares are often cheaper than international flights and you won’t need to arrange passports or travel vaccinations for your time away. Overall, when it comes to cost and ease of travel, QLD has the slight edge over Bali in this category.

Bali Resort


The best family resorts in Bali have industry leading facilities and service typically at a price much more attractive than what can be found in Australia. With the support of flybuys travel, you’ll be able to secure your family a Balinese, super deluxe, home away from home that you and your sprightly little explorers will love. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that going on a Queensland family holiday means you could stay in one of the many great kid friendly resorts on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane. However, the most noticeable difference to Bali is the price. Be prepared to pay much more for a comparable resort when holidaying in Queensland.

So, whether you’re exploring the vast beauty of this great land, or crossing waters to venture to new lands, at flybuys travel we can make sure your family holiday becomes one you’ll remember forever.

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